Working with our PR and Media partners Press And Promotion, we’ve had a tremendous amount of success getting our independent films seen and covered by media outlets over the years. By leveraging traditional press channels with new media integration including Twitter, Facebook, Constant Contact and Reddit, our films have spread to audiences across the globe. We’ve garnered coverage in nearly every major publication in America. Click on the movie posters below to see some of our favorite press clips:


“This pitch-perfect documentary shows the collateral damage when a team leaves town.”
– Sports Illustrated | Volume 111, Issue 25


“A poetically entrancing journey across China… They find beauty, sacrifice, triumph, sorrow and a whole heck of a lot else along their path…”
– Sarah Michelle Fetters | MovieFreak


“See this magnificent film that not only manages to convey the seductive and fatal beauty of the queen of the Karakoram but also expresses the spiritual bond that grows between men and women who share this addictive environment.”
It’s Just Movies / Rotten Tomatoes


 ”‘Evergreen’ reveals the weird lessons of Washington’s weed battle… a fascinating case study in the promise and perils of ballot-box democracy, and the give-and-take nature of social progress.”