Jason Reid

Director / Producer / Editor


Twitter @Reid206

Jason has worked in film and video production in Seattle, where he was born and raised, for the last 13 years. He attended the University of Washington and graduated with distinction in 2000 with a double major in Cinema Studies and Comparative Literature. As a prolific director, producer and editor, Jason has amassed a large body of creative work including documentary films, narrative films and music videos.

In 2003, he directed his first film, The Reid/Secrest Olympics, a self-produced 40-minute comedy/documentary. Based on the success of this film, Reid was hired to edit a 22-hour, 12-DVD box set called On The Film Scene, a compilation of interviews with filmmakers from 1978-1985. In 2006, looking to try his hand at longer form narrative storytelling, Reid and his friends produced a 77-minute comedy, Haymaker & Sally. They made the film for $10,000 out of pocket and screened it in Seattle and New York.

After that, Reid formed his own company, 2R Productions, directing and producing projects for paid clients while also making narrative shorts, documentaries and music videos, expanding his filmmaking skills and network of collaborators.

2R Productions now works with companies such as Microsoft, Costco, Amazon and The New York Times on corporate videos, TV commercials, web marketing and journalism pieces. In 2008, Reid began directing, producing and editing two feature documentaries that would achieve new levels of recognition:

Man Zou: Beijing to Shanghai tells the story of four American friends and their Chinese guide as they bicycle more than 1,000 miles between China’s two largest cities. The 86-minute film aired on Northwest PBS affiliate KCTS9, winning Reid a Regional Emmy® Award for Director.

Sonicsgate: Requiem for a Team exposes the truth behind the Seattle SuperSonics relocation to OKC. The original 2-hour film was released online in 2009 and won the Webby Award for Best Sports Film. In 2012, CNBC aired Sonicsgate and it can now be seen on ESPN Classic and most major digital platforms.

Working to keep his narrative chops, Reid frequently contributed original short comedy films to the RAWSTOCK Film Festival, a 10-year running event founded by Barista co-writer Justin Freet. In 2011, they produced an ambitious experimental project titled Every Day is a Journey, an episodic narrative series told in six chapters, directed by six different filmmakers.

Jason’s recent filmography includes credits as producer on the feature documentaries K2: Siren of the Himalayas (2012), Evergreen: The Road to Legalization (2013) and The Kicker (In Post) with dozens of client videos and music projects. Jason and the 2R Productions team have several exciting projects currently in production and development, including a feature narrative screenplay he hopes to produce and direct in 2016.

Adam Brown


Twitter @adambrown206

Producer / Editor / Media Director

Adam is a dedicated film and video producer with a diverse background in content creation, media campaigns, digital marketing and event management. He graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Communication and Journalism, building his resume’ with marketing positions at several Seattle-area software and musical instrument companies.  He worked side gigs as a freelance writer as well as the media director for nonprofit organization Save Our Sonics. As a former guitarist in Seattle area bands for ten years, his creative inspiration for filmmaking comes from the same place as his love for music and the written word.

Adam linked up with Jason Reid and the 2R Productions crew in 2009, going on to win a Webby Award as producer of the documentary Sonicsgate: Requiem for a Team (2009/2012). He has accrued a large portfolio of credits on creative films and corporate videos including Costco: A Company Built on Values (2012), Every Day is a Journey (2011), K2: Siren of the Himalayas (2012), Evergreen: The Road to Legalization (2013)  and Man Zou: Beijing to Shanghai (2010). Adam owns the film production company Lucid Visual Media and the marketing company Press and Promotion, each with several projects currently in production and development including The Kicker (In Post).

Darren Lund

Senior Editor / Cinematographer


Twitter @Darren_Lund

Darren Lund was born in Minnesota and raised in Seattle, Washington. After graduating from Dartmouth College, he lived in Japan for two years teaching English. For the last ten years, Darren has been working to combine his love of filmmaking with his love of music, producing concert videos for bands in the Seattle area including Fleet Foxes, Common Market, Blue Scholars, Spaceman, Grynch and Handful of Luvin.

Darren has credits as an editor and cinematographer on many award-winning films including Sonicsgate: Requiem for a Team (2009/2012), Man Zou: Beijing to Shanghai (2010), Evergreen: The Road To Legalization (2013), K2: Siren of the Himalayas (2012) The Kicker (In Post), Costco: A Company Built on Values (2012) and the festival hit kung fu flick Master Vengeancer (2008). Darren has worked as a director and editor of live events on a weekly highlights show for FSN/ROOT Sports.  Check out Darren’s award-winning work at DarrenLund.com.

Ian Connors

Director of Photography / Producer

Ian Conners

Twitter @8RiversFilms

Ian received his training as a combat cameraman in the military for eight years, filming all over the world including Bosnia, Croatia, South Korea, Kuwait and Iraq. He studied filmmaking at Syracuse University and the Seattle Film Institute, honing his cinematography and production skills independently for more than 15 years.  Ian owns the production company 8Rivers Films, which has completed a number of large-scale marketing and training videos, short documentaries and narrative films.

Ian has collaborated with 2R Productions on many projects, winning three Telly Awards as director/producer of the instructional film Critical 72 (2008) and recently taking home another Telly Award for the corporate documentary Costco: A Company Built on Values (2012). Ian was a producer and cinematographer on the Emmy® Award-winning documentary Man Zou: Beijing to Shanghai (2010), cinematographer on Sonicsgate: Requiem for a Team (2009/2012) and director of The Kicker (In Post). He has documented several stories for the Discovery Channel and covered Northwest Medical Teams International in New Orleans during the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Andy McDonough

Producer / Writer


Twitter @RopedInPro

Andy McDonough writes, produces and develops creative film and photography projects with his company Roped In Productions, collaborating with 2R Productions on multiple feature projects including K2: Siren of the Himalayas (2012), Evergreen: The Road To Legalization (2013) and The Kicker (In Post).

The name Roped In Productions comes from Andy’s passion for mountain climbing, as the teamwork it takes for successful outdoor expeditions mirrors the collaborative artistic process.  After more than 15 years as a real estate professional in the Seattle area, Andy started the company to bring creative ideas to life through multimedia storytelling.

Justin Freet

Writer / Producer


Twitter @RAWSTOCKmedia

Justin Freet is a filmmaker and festival organizer in Seattle.

He attended UCLA, Washington State University and the University of Washington consecutively, eventually dropping outof all three to enroll in the “Academy of Life Experience.” In 2005, Freet founded the RAWSTOCK Film Festival, a bimonthly film and fringe theatre event focused on visceral independent cinema and provocative live performances. Over the last decade, RAWSTOCK has screened 371 films by a large number of up-and-coming directors.

Freet has written and directed over 20 short narrative films. In 2011, he launched Every Day Is A Journey, an ambitious experimental narrative project in which six independent filmmakers were tasked with telling one story with no pre-determined arc. In addition to co-writing The Barista script with Reid, Freet is currently co-producing a new series of episodic horror films with Christian Palmer and The Rambler director Calvin Reeder, and he will begin teaching a film studies course titled “Unconventional Cinema Narrative” at North Seattle Community College in Fall of 2015. In addition to creating fictional characters, he creates actual people… Freet has two sons.

Colin White

Graphics / Editor / Web

Twitter @WhiteWyatt

Colin White is a Seattle native with decades of experience in digital multimedia production including illustration, web design, programming, animation and filmmaking.  He studied Math at Shoreline Community College before transferring to the University of Washington to study Literature and Cinema.  Upon graduating in 2001, he set out to dispel the myth of the so-called worthless Bachelor of Arts degree.  Gathering a varied collection of skills and experience along the way with both independent and corporate endeavors, he recently left Microsoft after seven years to begin his own company and free up his time for more creative pursuits.

Colin has collaborated with 2R Productions on such films as The Reid/Secrest Olympics (2002), Haymaker & Sally (2007), Every Day is a Journey (2008), Sonicsgate: Requiem for a Team (2009/2012); music videos Trucker’s Lullaby (Tim Seely, 2008) and The Wind (Alela Diane, 2011); as well as various other corporate and creative projects.  Examples of his web work can be seen at sonicsgate.com, armyoftim.com and diald.net.

Scott Pendergraft

Web / Graphics

Scott Pendergraft

Scott Pendergraft began his career as a computer programmer at Western Washington University. Seeking adventure, he then traveled the world for a year. Upon his return to Seattle, he studied graphic design with a special focus on newspaper and publication design.

Since then, Scott has designed pages and advertising for two publications in the Pacific Northwest, and done branding projects, event flyers and posters. His focus now lies in the digital domain. He has created websites for the films Haymaker & Sally (2007) and Man Zou: Beijing to Shanghai (2010) among many others.

Ken Reid



Twitter @KJRPS

Ken Reid began his career in the broadcast industry when he was only fifteen years old. He worked on the air in the studio and on location as a disc jockey and newscaster. He moved into engineering for a number of years before eventually working behind the scenes in both audio and video production. Portrait and scenic photography also became a specialty of Ken’s. He joined forces with his son, Jason Reid, producing several corporate video projects for his company 2R Productions.